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Pets Or No Pets?

Quality tenants who have a family pet never get to apply for properties simply because they are advertised as no pets. Quite often tenants will pay more rent if they can have a property that allows their pet. If you do decide to allow a pet in your investment property we ensure a pet annexure is included in Lease Agreement at the commencement of the lease which stipulates that the tenant is resonsible to have the property fumigated for fleas inside and out when they vacate.

Example of the Pet Annexure added to the Agreement:

1. The owner gives permission for the tenant to keep a dog at the premises
2. As the dog will be allowed inside and outside the premises, the tenant agrees to have the carpet professionally steam cleaned at the end of the tenancy.
3. The tenant also agrees to have both the exterior and interior of the premises professionally sprayed for fleas at the end of the tenancy
4. Any damage caused by or as a result of the dog will be at the tenant’s expense. There are also disadvantages of allowing pets for example, leaving a bad odour which can be very hard to remove. Grass and yards can be damaged by the pet. This decision really depends on the suitability of the property.