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Welcome to Percival Property

The Percival Difference

Percival Property understands that property management is, first and foremost, about attention to detail.

With our large, experienced team focused solely in this specialist area, we offer clients a level of personal service and attention to detail unique in the Port Macquarie market.

The ratio of properties allocated to Property Managers at Percival Property is a clear demonstration of our commitment to elite service, ensuring your investment receives the highest standards of care. We’ve been together for a long time, we function well together and we back each other up to ensure your needs are always met.

Our ability to tailor packages to meet individual needs is a crucial point of difference that demonstrates our genuinely caring approach, not only for our clients’ assets but for our clients themselves.

With our vast experience in property management and sales we have a unique perspective in the Port Macquarie market. Percival Property has the capacity and knowledge to advise on the type and location of property to suit the individual needs of investors and ensure their returns are maximised.

This level of understanding is unique to Percival Property.


Percival Property’s ability to foster positive relationships is another key point of difference. Caring for your asset is the centrepiece of our business, which is why our approach views tenants as asset caretakers.

By treating tenants with respect, they reciprocate by treating your asset with respect. In this way, Percival Property forms lasting relationships with investors and tenants to the mutual benefit of everyone.

Our systems are without peer in the market. Our team maintains a clean database of tenants – updated on a daily basis – to ensure that enquiries become tenants. We also utilise a cross-matching service to ensure that the right tenants are matched with the right properties.

As the asset caretaker, finding the right tenant is essential to protect our clients’ investments. This means our property managers are always on hand to ensure your asset maintains its value, is protected and receives the appropriate care.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, principal Michael Percival is an active property manager.

Our energetic and enthusiastic approach is designed to make our clients’ lives easier, which is why we roll up our sleeves day in, day out. Our success depends on our clients’ satisfaction and the success of their investments.

That’s why Percival Property is the perfect partner for your property.