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Moving Out Checklist

You're moving, you're very busy, you may be changing jobs and you may be relocating to another place far away. We understand this and we want to help make your departure go smoothly.

Checklist. Please go through the checklist carefully, and

Leave everything spotless, or

Easier still, contact us for names of cleaners,

And leave the electricity connected until the final inspection.

No fuss bond refunds are easy if you follow this checklist

You should refer to the original condition report that was carried out at the beginning of your tenancy and supplied to you.  If you do not have a copy of this we can forward this onto you.  This report will be referred to, by your Property Manager at the outgoing inspection.

We have prepared this checklist for you, to assist in vacating the property. 



Do not leave this until the last minute. It takes time to clean properly.

    - Stove 

  • Oven
  • Oven rack
  • Oven door
  • Griller
  • Hot plates
  • Drip trays for hot plate
  • Back and sides of stove

    - Range hood (clogs up with dust and grease etc). Remember to remove filters & clean inside.
    - Fan You can usually take the fan cover off and clean it.
    - Cupboards and drawers inside and outside. Wash handles.
    - Scrub the floor If you have torn the lino moving your fridge, have it repaired.
    - Bench tops & kick boards.
    - Sink
    - Curtain/blind above the sink.


    - Bath (remove hair from drain).
    - Shower (including soap holder and shower screen).
    - Tiles
    - Vanity (inside and out) including handles
    - Mirror
    - Toilet
    - Fan take cover off and clean.


    - Wash windows inside and out. You may have to remove fly screens. To remove fly screens take window out first otherwise you may bend the screen. Clean flies in the window tracks.
    - Screens, repair if torn.
    - Window sills.
    - Window frames (often mildew stains occur over time).


    - Clean scuff/finger marks, particularly around the handles. Dust on top and door surrounds.


    - Like doors, these often get dirty with finger marks.


    - Finger marks.
    - Marks above the bed head.
    - Blu tac and tape marks.
    - Holes patched & painted to match. Mismatched paint marks may require an entire wall to be re-painted.
    - Dust skirting boards.

    Note: Sometimes the quality of the interior paint is not good and washing the walls may mark them. If in doubt please talk to us first.


    - Clean off mould from all walls, ceilings, window frames, blinds & curtains. Try SHELLEYS RAPID MOULD KILLER, simply spray on and wipe off.


    - Clean the carpets.
If they are stained and marked you will probably need a professional cleaner. In our experience people who hire their own carpet cleaning machine do not do a good job. In fact they often make the carpet worse and leave it soaking wet. We advise against doing this. Things we look for in judging whether or not the carpet needs to be professionally cleaned are dirt tracks in high traffic areas such as doorways and halls and around where furniture has been placed, drip marks and other stains in carpet, pet hair.


    - Dust and wash if necessary, remove any flies.


    - Wash if necessary, be very careful. If you are worried about the curtains shrinking or being damaged please contact us first.


    - Spot clean verticles if marked.
    - Slat blinds should be thoroughly cleaned

    Tip: Baby wipes are an ideal disposable cleaner


If you smoke inside then over time stains will build up on the walls, the light fittings and the curtains. If this happens you will need to clean the stains off. It can be a very big job and you will probably need to call in a professional cleaner.


    - Remove all your rubbish
    - Oil stains. If your car has left significant oil stains in the garage and the driveway you may have to clean these stains off.


    - Remove all your rubbish including under house.
    - Remove all cobwebs.


    - Mow the lawns and trim the edges.
    - Weed the garden beds.
    - Don't forget the 'dead side' of the house. As this area is usually out of site, its often overlooked.


    - Don't leave any rubbish in any sheds or around property


- Electricity, telephone and gas: Be sure to inform the authorities that you are moving and pay their accounts.
- Water: You may have to pay for the water used. We will calculate the amount owing.


Have your mail redirected. Once you have moved, all mail will be returned to sender.


When you have completed the matters outlined in this checklist we will conduct a final inspection of the property.

Please make sure you have done everything beforehand.


Leave us a forwarding address, phone number, bank account details and make sure you sign the bond form.


Please return all the keys to us.


If you need assistance with cleaning etc, we can suggest the following tradespeople:

Hastings Carpet Cleaning Ph: 6582 4391 or 0431350903

Lawn Mowing:
Adams Lawns & Gardens Ph: 0409204101
Nifti Property Maintenance Ph: 0431414960
Adam's Lawns & Gardens Ph: 0409 204 101

Nifty Cleaners Ph: 0418 238 797
At Ease Cleaners Ph: 0437 41 5592

Pest Control:
Rozken Ph: 6582 6669
Abetta Pest Control Ph:0412748750


Disagreements will sometimes occur between a tenant and an agent over what is required. If you have a concern about what you are being asked to do please let us know and we will try to sort out a solution which satisfies you.

If we cannot agree don't worry or get stressed out.

We are quite happy to let the "umpire" decide the matter. By this we mean we are quite prepared to go to the Residential Tribunal and have a Tribunal Member decide what is a fair solution.

It is our impression that sometimes tenants think agents are trying to, "put one over them", or set out to be unfair and unreasonable. This is certainly not the case with us. We are familiar with Residential Tenancies law and the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords. We try and see that the law is fairly applied to both parties.

Thank you for taking the time to read this checklist.

We hope you go through it carefully. If you do, your move should be trouble free.