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How Do I Pay Rent?

Paying your rent

When you move in to your new home, it is important that you start paying your rent on time right from the start of the tenancy.   Your rent must always be two weeks in advance.   Speak to your Property Manager at the beginning of your tenancy to set this payment plan up correctly from the start.

When you rent through Percival Property, we have a range of convenient ways for you to pay your rent using the DEFT Payment System.

Not only can you now pay your rent over the phone or internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - you can also pay your rent at no cost to you via Bpay.  That means no more queuing at the bank to pay your rent and no more monthly administration fees.

Make an online payment using DEFT payment systems.

Bpay Via Your Financial Institution

You can make payments from your cheque or savings account via Bpay.  Bpay payments are made through your financial institution's phone or internet banking service.  The biller code for your Bpay payment is 4481 and your reference number is provided at your tenancy signup.  You can also set up scheduled Bpay payments so you can take the hassle out of remembering when your next payment is due.  Please note: Bpay rent payments are NOT available through Australia Post.

Credit Card
To make your payments visit or call 1300 30 10 90. There is no need to register before making payments.  A surcharge for credit card payments does apply.

DEFT online and DEFT Phonepay
To pay your rent directly from your cheque or savings account, you are required to register your details prior to taking advantage of this payment option.  Payments from your transaction account attract a convenience fee of 85 cents.  Registration is quick and easy and can be done online at

Select the Online Direct Debit Registration option on the left of the page and:

  • complete your name and address details
  • nominate a six digit (numeric) security code
  • complete your account details
  • nominate a security question and answer [should you misplace your security code].
  • agree to our service agreement, and
  • print or save the confirmation page detailing the registration and Service Agreement.

You can now start making payments using both phone and internet payment methods, as detailed above.  To proceed with your payment, please enter DEFT reference number provided to you during your tenancy signup.

For your convenience, both the phone and internet payment options allow you to schedule recurring weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly rental payments in advance.  So you can "set and forget" your rental payments.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the above payment options.  For any queries call DEFT Payment Systems toll free on 1800 672 162 for enquiries regarding your registration or making payments.

Your Property Manager will provide you with your DEFT reference number when you sign your lease.  If you cannot find this please contact Percival Property Management & Asset Care on (02) 6583 7499 and we will provide this to you.

What happens if I don't pay my rent, or if I am having difficulty paying my rent?

When you signed the Residential Tenancy Agreement, you agreed to pay the rent on time. Failure to pay rent by the due date is a breach of the Residential Tenancy Agreement and could result in a Termination Notice being served.

Furthermore, if your rent is continually in arrears this will show up on your tenant ledger.  This may not affect you right now, however,  when you apply for a rental property in the future the landlord or agent will request a copy of your tenant ledger from us, along with a rental reference.  It may impact on the decision of a future landlord or agent approving your application due to your poor rental arrears history.

If you are having difficulting making rent payments please contact your Property Manager to discuss further.