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Department of Fair Trading - New South Wales - Renting

Dept Fair Trading provides information to tenants, landlords and real  estate agents about their rights and responsibilities. This covers all  residential premises, including residential parks. We also fund a number  of community organisations to provide advice and advocacy to tenants  across NSW. Any money given to a landlord or their agent as a bond must  be lodged with NSW Fair Trading.
Renting a Home Guide

NSW Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services

This is the website of NSW Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services. Here you can find out about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, where to get tenancy advice, policy and law reform work undertaken by the Tenants' Union of NSW. The information on this  site is for all tenants in New South Wales, including tenants of private  rental housing, social housing, boarding and lodging houses and  residential parks.

Real Estate Institute of NSW

REINSW is the largest professional associations for real estate agents in Australia.  REINSW members follow a Code of Practice outlining the ethical duties and responsibilities of real estate  agents. REINSW encourages agents to follow best practices and to be fair  and responsible in their agency practices. The REINSW Education and  Training Unit ensures agents have access to the highest quality training.

Residential Tenancies Act 2010 No 42

1) A residential tenancy agreement is an agreement  under which a person grants to another person for value a right of  occupation of residential premises for the purpose of use as a  residence.
(2) A residential tenancy agreement may be express or  implied and may be oral or in writing, or partly oral and partly in  writing.
(3) An agreement may be a residential tenancy agreement for  the purposes of this Act even though: (a) it does not grant a right of  exclusive occupation, or (b) it grants the right to occupy residential  premises together with the letting of goods or the provision of services  or facilities.
(4) For the purpose of determining whether an  agreement is a residential tenancy agreement, it does not matter that  the person granted the right of occupation is a corporation if the  premises are used (or intended for use) as a residence by a natural  person.
Residential Tenancies Act 2010 No 42

Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal

The CTTT conducts hearings throughout NSW and deals with matters  under the following nine divisions: Tenancy, Social Housing, Home  Building, Strata & Community Schemes, Retirement Villages,  Residential Parks, Motor Vehicles, General, Commercial.
CTT Website