Selling advice

Every real estate agent in Port Macquarie claims to be the best at what they do. Percival Property is no different.
We believe our people, our business practices, our ethics and our specialist knowledge provide clients with the best experience in Mid North Coast real estate.
When the Percival Property team are entrusted to represent you in one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions of your life, we work hard to achieve the best outcome for YOU.
Making the decision to sell a property is not always an easy one and the process can be daunting to some. Here is a basic guide to the selling process.

Understanding the Market

Each type of market has its own set of characteristics. Research the market to see what sort of properties are selling, how quickly and for how much.
Learning about the market conditions in which you are about to sell will help you understand;

  • The price your agent believes your property should achieve
  • The marketing programme they recommend

It is sometimes difficult for people to remove the emotion from a property transaction and accept that;

  • What you paid for your home does not affect its value
  • The price you would like to achieve for your home does not affect its value

The main considerations in determining price are recent comparable sales, current competition, unique selling points and market conditions.
Your agent will address all of these in their pricing strategy.

Choosing an Agent

To achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest time frame, you will require the experience, skills and knowledge of a qualified and registered real estate agent.
Your agent should provide you with the facts necessary for you to make an informed and educated decision at every stage of the selling process.
When meeting with prospective agents be prepared. Have a series of questions ready to ask and note their responses. Make notes on their presentation and communications skills.
Your agent is on a journey with you, so ensure it is someone you feel will communicate with you and best represent you before, during and after the sale.
Email us for a list of some of the questions you should be asking in your quest to find the right agent for you.


Setting the correct price at the outset is crucial to the end sale price and number of days on the market.
Buyer interest is typically at its strongest in the first few weeks on the market – the longer your home is on the market, urgency from buyers decreases and generally results in a lower sale price.


Each property is a unique proposition and no one marketing formula can be applied and expected to deliver results every time.
A competitive market requires specialist knowledge and strategic concepts to promote your property and make it distinct amongst the many.
Your agent will identify unique selling points and craft a marketing campaign tailored to you and your property – your timeline, your requirements, your life style, your family, your commitments.

Auction or Private Treaty

Your agent will advise the best selling strategy for your property and your circumstance.
The two main methods of real estate sales in Port Macquarie are auction and private treaty.

Private Treaty

This marketing method establishes a set asking price at which the property is offered.
Prospective buyers will put forward a price and negotiations are carried out until a price and terms are agreed to by both parties.


This marketing method combines the benefits of no price marketing and a finite time line.
An auction delivers an unconditional contract with no-cooling off period and the deposit is required the same day.
Would you like to know more about the Selling Process? Download our Guide or feel free to contact the Percival Property team for an obligation free discussion about any queries you may have.
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