Tips For Renters: What To Look For On Your First Inspection

Whether you’re moving out on your own for the first time, relocating for work or simply seeking a change of scenery, finding the right rental property is a significant decision and it’s crucial to make an informed choice. The first inspection of a property is a pivotal moment in this process. It’s your chance to explore the property, assess its suitability and envision your life within its walls. To help you with this process, here are several key factors to consider.

A Property Inspection

Property Condition

One of the first things to look at is the overall condition of the property, and whether it meets your requirements.

Outdoor Spaces

If the property has an outdoor area, consider its condition and suitability for your needs. Could it serve as a space for relaxation or entertaining? Remember, outdoor spaces can significantly enhance your living experience, but may require maintenance. Are you a gardener? Do you have the time to adequately maintain an outdoor space? Speak with the property management professional undertaking the inspection. The property may include garden services as a part of the rent, or could potentially be added by negotiation. Many properties with a pool, for instance, will include pool maintenance in the rental.

Interior Features

Inspect the interior features of the property, and note the services included. If the home does not have ceiling fans or air conditioning, the property owner may not be in a position to be able to provide these features at a later request.

Location And Surroundings

Consider the property’s location and its surroundings. Is it close to amenities such as shops, schools and public transport? What is the neighbourhood like? The location can greatly impact your lifestyle and convenience.

Property Layout

The layout of the property is another important factor. Does it suit your lifestyle and needs? Is there enough space for you and your belongings? Consider how you would use the space and whether it would be comfortable and functional for your daily life.

Safety And Security

Safety is a priority for many when inspecting a potential rental property. Is there a security system in place? If located within a unit complex is there adequate exterior lighting? Having a list of pre-requisites can prompt you to ask the right questions while making an inspection.

Natural Light And Ventilation

Natural light and ventilation can greatly impact the comfort and liveability of a property. During your inspection, take note of the amount of natural light in each room and the availability of windows for ventilation.

Noise Levels

Consider the noise levels both within and outside the property. Noise can significantly affect your quality of life, so it’s important to assess this during your inspection.

Storage Space

Storage space is often overlooked but is crucial for comfortable living. Check if there’s adequate storage for all your belongings. Look at the size of the wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and any other storage areas like the laundry, garage or shed. Some strata complexes include storage cages within their allocated carparking area, while others may have an allocated storage room.

Is It Pet Friendly?

If you have a pet cat or dog, you need to make sure that the property owner will permit a pet. While some property owners will allow pets, you will still need to disclose that you have a pet and seek formal approval as a part of the application process.

Professional Advice

Specialist property managers can provide valuable insights and guidance, helping you make an informed decision. They can also assist with the inspection process, ensuring you don’t overlook any important details. Remember, the first inspection is your opportunity to gather as much information as possible about the property. Take your time, ask questions and make a thorough assessment.

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