10 Qualities Of A Good Neighbourhood

7 June 2023

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Offer And Acceptance Process When Buying A Property In NSW

24 January 2023

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How To Purchase A Property Using Equity

19 August 2022

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What To Know Before Making An Offer On A Property

7 July 2022

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What Does ‘Under Contract’ Mean In Real Estate?

28 April 2022

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How COVID-19 Has Changed The Real Estate Market

14 December 2021

With all of the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought into our lives over the last two years, we’ve all had to adjust to a new normal.

Work-life balances have shifted, carrying … Read the full post »

A Guide To Purchasing Your First Home In Port Macquarie

22 October 2021

What can be incredibly exciting and deeply stressful at the same time?

Purchasing your first home is pretty high on the list.

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Why Port Macquarie Makes An Ideal Location For Families

15 September 2021

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4 Reasons Why Aussies Should Invest In Real Estate

12 May 2021

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