Why Port Macquarie Makes An Ideal Location For Families

Undeniably one of Australia’s top holiday locations, Port Macquarie is fast becoming a hot spot for families who want to get out of the city and enjoy a more relaxed, beachside lifestyle. With nature right at your doorstep and its relaxed coastal location, it’s no wonder that Port Macquarie has become such a popular location. But its beautiful beaches aren’t the only reason why families are flocking to Port Macquarie. Take a look at our top reasons why Port Macquarie is an ideal location for families.

Coastal lifestyle

With miles of beautiful beach just steps from your front door, Port Macquarie could be the change you have been looking for. With 17 beaches in your immediate location, the hardest part will be trying to decide where you’re going to spend your day.

Expanding job and city infrastructure

While it has long been a favoured holiday destination for Australians, with the expanding job market and housing infrastructure, Port Macquarie is becoming an ideal location to settle in permanently. Retail options are increasing and the local Charles University is also expanding which is helping to attract many young people and families to the area. This job growth and residential and commercial infrastructure are creating a booming market that will continue well into the future.

Safe community environment

Port Macquarie is a fairly safe town to live in. Unlike some of the bigger cities around Australia where crime can be relatively common, Port Macquarie is an extremely safe town. While the odd robbery does happen, it’s safe to say that families feel secure in their sleepy coastal town. Port Macquarie has a strong community spirit and is a favourite spot for retirees and families as it provides a relaxed, secure and laid back vibe.

Recreational Activities

Recreation and local attractions take centre stage in Port Macquarie. Rather than spending your days lazing about on the couch binging movies, Port Macquarie offers plenty of things to do and places to visit. Some of the most popular activities include fishing from some of the many beaches and rivers, hiking through the hinterlands for some stunning views, going strawberry picking, whale and dolphin watching or visiting the Billabong Wildlife Park. With activities around every corner, it’s no wonder that families are having the time of their lives in Port Macquarie.


One of the most attractive features of Port Macquarie is the fact that you can get almost anywhere in the town in just a 15-20 minute drive. For families that have been living in major capital cities where traffic jams go for miles and the daily commute can be upwards of 1-2 hours, this is extremely attractive. Combine this with the fact that everything you could need is at your fingertips and it’s no wonder that Port Macquarie is such a fantastic location for families looking to enjoy an easy life.

Port Macquarie is a beautiful town that is fast becoming the place to be for families. With so many perks to living here, it’s no wonder people are visiting and deciding to stay. If you’re thinking of making the change and are planning the big move with your family, we can help. Get in touch with the team at Percival Property today and we can assist you in finding the right home in the Port Macquarie area. You’re just a step away from living in paradise.

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